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Welcome to Community rebuild 2.0! We here believe that the old solution is, clearly, the best solution! We'll highlight some of 2004's best and brightest ideas to Make the World a Nicer Place. They might not have worked then, but they'll totally work this time because it is self-evident that systemic inequalities can never persist if we can just get people to be nicer to each other.

SEE: User generated content!

SEE: Companies TOO BIG to fail!

SEE: Rising tides floating REAL boats!

SEE: Thoughts AND prayers!

SEE: Philanthropy to make the most guilty conscience sparkly white!

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    Crisis Art is a space for artivists, activists, learners, and sharers, a place to provide an outlet for those who might not have other outlets, to give some small voice to the voiceless. And for people to come and see work that might otherwise get marginalized, ignored, or simply never noticed.

    The Center for Equitable Policy in a Changing World provides this platform, space, and assistance to the artists looking to create in it. The views expressed therein do not necessarily reflect official policy positions of the Center.